Uncanny Theatre

Uncanny Theatre was the collaboration between myself and Matt Rogers. 8 glorious years we made beautiful nonsense together….its not over, but we are taking some time to explore our own personal projects.

Typically Uncanny’s work was made up of visually exciting comedy shenanigans about really important things, done in such a way that we were all in on the stupidity. Playfully absurd, visually arresting and gloriously low-tech. Uncanny was interested in the anomalies of everyday life and pushing the logic of those oddities to their limit. At the heart of it all Uncanny was not scared to be silly with big ideas.  We believed that if something was important, it was important enough to be funny.

You Had To Be There at BE Festival 2016. Credit- Alex Brenner

[Outrage] is an intelligent, political piece of theatre which is thought-provoking, visually messy, and playfully crazy. It made this reviewer: laugh, smile, feel entertained, angry, shocked, sad, flabbergasted, and impressed. Now, we are connected….Deliciously clever, 5 stars*****” The Reviews Hub on Outrage 2018.

Uncanny’s work so far:

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Header image credit- Richard Davenport