A little light conversation- Uncanny Theatre 2017

A Leeds Light Night commission. This was an interactive performance created in response to an installation by LBO Lichtbankobjekte, beautiful illuminated benches sited in Victoria Gardens.

LBO Lichtbankobjekte Light Bench, Leeds Light Night.

We were interested in the meetings that happen on benches and the potential for conversations amongst strangers.

We created a guided headphone based experience that played with the insecurities of engaging in conversation with a stranger followed by a very sudden call to “competitive friend making”. Pairs of strangers who supplied us with the most unique thing that they had in common (as voted by the people) were the night’s winners. 

It was a hugely popular and enormous fun,

Join Uncanny Theatre in getting to know someone new this Light Night! Find out something you never knew you had in common, and indulge in a little silliness as Nat and Matt guide you through overcoming social awkwardness on one of five beautiful Light Benches – a new permanent art installation on Victoria Gardens and the only ones of their kind in the UK outside London.