The Polar Bear (is Dead)

The Polar Bear (is Dead) is the first full length show by Nat and Dani.

Following our R&D in 2019, supported by ACE, The Civic, Barnsley and Industria Scenica (Elea Teatro) Italy, we were ready to finish and tour the show in 2020. Unfortunately, this all came to an abrupt halt in March 2020 because *Pandemic* and thats all we shall say on the matter!

In 2021 we received a commission from Creative Wakefield to bring the show to their Festival of the Earth in October 2021. We worked remotely on a new version of the piece where I perform live on stage with Daniele joining over Zoom. 

About The Show

The Polar Bear (is Dead) is a playful exploration of what we bring, what we take & what we leave behind. Set in our current precarious landscape, it considers the survival of life on our planet and the cost to each and every one of us. 

The huge and daunting theme of the climate crisis is addressed using comedy and physical theatre to create an accessible & compelling show. 

Its universal themes are combined with our own personal experiences of life and loss, of endings and regrets. It creates a non judgmental space for people to rediscover an enthusiasm for the natural world and to think about their own relationships to the climate crisis, nature and loss.

As a species we named ourselves Homo Sapiens, meaning ‘wise men’ but Homo Sapiens might be the only species to cause its own extinction. 

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Have you ever thought about what it means to lose something forever? Someone you love? An entire species?

Nat and Dani are the best of friends and also theatre makers. They were working on a show about the climate crisis when they were both hit by sudden and devastating tragedies, just as the world was going into lockdown. Despite living 908 miles apart in different countries, they found a way to keep going.

This is a show about loss and being alone. It’s also about pies, the Spice Girls and what Nat’s mum’s thinks about the end of the world and Prestatyn beach. Essentially, it’s about hope.

“[The Polar Bear (is Dead)] is thought provoking, poignant, devastating, genuinely funny and kind throughout. The Polar Bear (Is Dead) will linger in your mind and rightly so. You cannot leave a performance without feeling completely resolved to consider your own impact to the future of the globe, and to those closest to you.” Jenny Rogers, Cultural Development Manager, Wakefield Council

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