Things I adore: Cafes, cordless vacuums, looking at creatures close up and when people give a voice to animals.

Things I do not adore: Rush hour, throwing things out and the sound of coat hangers clanging together in a bag.

I’m a freelance theatre-maker, performer, clown, physical comedian and creative arts facilitator. Born in South Africa, raised in Manchester, now living in Wakefield.

I studied Theatre and Performance at Leeds University (Bretton Hall) graduating with a First Class Honours in 2008. My time at Bretton was where my passion for theatre met my love for nature and the visual arts and my unique practice developed.

I make performance work that embraces the honesty of clown performance and the complexity of being human. Beautifully researched, with a balance of storytelling, absurdity & powerful visual moments. My work is entertaining and challenging in equal measure, acknowledging the audience and creating a relaxed environment, where no one is the expert.

I use small ideas to shine a light on the more unwieldy ones. It can be autobiographical, although not always. Sometimes it’s about the pain of losing a parent, sometimes it’s about tiny little birds and often it can be about both.

When I see Nat's name on a cast list, it's with joyful anticipation because I know i'll be in the hands of a performer who understands in her bones how to communicate. Her clowning is an extraordinary strength, but the reason she is so funny to watch is because she bears herself entirely. Honest, raw and emotionally open on the stage; it makes for a performer who is utterly compelling.

Nick Ahad, Writer and Broadcaster

I was co-founder of Uncanny Theatre with whom I toured for over 9 years to theatres and festivals throughout the UK, including The Lowry, HOME Manchester, BE festival, Transform Festival, A Nation’s Theatre, INcoming Festival and Gateshead International Festival.

I’m also proud to be a qualified Giggle Doctor with Theodora Children’s Charity and an artist educator for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for over 10 years. 

Here's some of the folks I've worked with: